Trip Report: 2022 New Year's Day Sandy River Float

2022 New Years Sandy River Float

Submitted by Scott Harvey

1 Sandy .jpgSkull Cap and Neoprene Gloves Type of Day best describes what was minimally needed for the chilly and brisk weather conditions to be encountered on this first day of “2022”. This trip almost didn’t get off the ground because Oxbow Regional Park had been closed the whole week prior to Saturday, January 1st because of inclement weather and I’m sure it didn’t help that the steep road heading down into Oxbow Park’s entry was very slick during the icy conditions leading up to New Year’s Day. The moment I stepped outside on New Year’s Day morning to hook up my boat trailer, is when I realized that it was going to be a bit nippy. Especially when I needed hot water to unlock my truck canopy latch and boat trailer locks. Even as my truck was reading 24 degrees this early morning, roads weren’t bad and conditions were somewhat warmer at the launch site in Dodge Park.

3 Sandy.jpgThere was actually a good showing of hearty boaters to ring in the new boating season. I’d say roughly between 35 and 40 folks had shown up this chilly morning. This hearty mob also brought with them a flotilla of colorful boats that included paddle rafts, R-2er’s, cat-boats,
kayaks, inflatable kayakers and a couple of stand-up-paddlers. River flows weren’t big but wasn’t too low either at around 2,100 cfs and a couple Kayakers and SUP’ers had a chilly swimthis day.

On the Gregorian calendar, New Year’s Day is only ten days removed from winter solstice. So when the low  4 Sandy.jpgangle of the wintertime sun was able to make an appearance over the alder and fir trees, it sure felt really satisfying to be breaking in day 1 of 2022 on the River! Several stopswere taken along the run on a couple sandy beaches for folks to chill, B.S. and catch-up on past river trips. It didn’t start getting colder until we entered the lower canyon. In fact by the time I and several other boaters hit the takeout at Oxbow, I had icicles hanging from my oars and boat frame. It did drop several degrees and was quite noticeable.

Not everyone stuck around at the covered shelter after the float. For those of us who did hang
around after the Sandy River float, we were greeted with hot coffee, hot spiced cider, ham
fixings and dessert goodies alongside an open fire that sure indeed felt good! For those folk’s
that did show up on the Sandy River, an enjoyable sunny day was had by all….

6 Sandy.jpg