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What does being a member ofOregon's most popular whitewater rafting club offer?

Whether you are new to boating, an experienced rafter or have always wanted to learn, OWA is completely non-commercial and all of our trips organized by OWA members with each individual being responsible for deciding when, where and with whom to boat. We invite you to meet our members at one of our monthly meetings and see for yourself how much fun we have. Or if you already have all of your river gear and rearing to run a river, contact the trip leader of your desired trip and inquire with them that you are prepared and that there is room on the trip. Decide to join after the meeting or after a day on the river with us. Membership is NOT a requirement to “try us out” and join in on the fun.

  1. We hold monthly meetings from September through May where we have river related programs and our members and guests socialize, talk about planned activities, share river stories and enjoy club paid pizza.
  2. We have an email list server that only OWA members are subscribed to. We use it to communicate and organize spontaneous day trips, trade and sell river gear, report river news, events and river hazards.
  3. We publish a newsletter 10 times a year (monthly during the school year and bi-monthly during the summer) that is sent to club members every month.
  4. We offer scholarships to club members for Swiftwater Rescue courses and Wilderness First aid. They are taught by some of the region's leading Swiftwater Rescue experts. We foster safety by providing these courses and encouraging the use of proper gear, good judgment and rescue knowledge. We watch out for one another but all individuals are responsible for and manage their own safety. This responsibility includes assessing your gear, skill level and physical conditioning as well as making decisions about what you will or will not do.
  5. All OWA club members are invited to our annual picnic and gear swap, annual pool session for river safety practice and the opportunity to participate in river cleanups, family float trips, and a women’s trip…….just to name a few of our club events.
  6. OWA club members are eligible for exclusive discounts from many of our local boating and river gear suppliers as well as local rental and instruction companies.
  7. Is there a river you just can't seem to get a permit for?  Pool your resources with other OWA club members who want to float the same river and increase your chances by being in a larger group of people applying for permits.
  8. OWA is a river community where we’ve made lifelong friendships that extend on and off the water. So check us out and see what we’re all about.

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