How to use the H20Addicts email list server

About H20Addicts Email List Server

The H20Addicts email list server that is nothing more than an email address.  The only difference is this: if you send an email to it, your message is delivered to everyone in the club in their email inbox.  Only club members are subscribed to the list, and you must be subscribed to the list to send an email to the list.

Some common issues club members have while trying to send an email to the H20Addicts list are:

  • Sending a message from an unsubscribed email address.  Many people have more than one email address and sometimes people change email addresses.  If you try to send an email to the H20Addicts list from an email address that is not the one you provided to the club when you joined, it will have to be approved by a moderator before it will be distributed to the club.

  • Sending emails with large attachments.  Sometimes club members want to send an email with an attachment with information about a club event.  There is a limit on the size of attachments that can be sent without moderator approval.  This is done so the H20Addicts list server doesn't fill everyone's email inbox up with large attachments.

Acceptable Use for H20Addicts Email List Server

The H20Addicts email list server is a way for Oregon Whitewater Association club members to communicate with each other for river related issues.  On occasion, you may have some information you want to communicate to OWA club members that don't directly relate to the club or a river trip.  Here is what the list server can be used for:

  • The OWA Board uses the H20Addicts list server to communicate club related information to the members.
  • OWA newsletters are sent to the H20Addicts list server as the primary means of distribution.
  • Any OWA club member can post any river related email to the list server.  This can be anything from a trip they are organizing to hazards in the water or anything that relates to rivers and river trips.
  • Wednesdays is commercial posting days.  Any OWA club member can post things they have for sale and postings must be river related.  Posts can be items for sale from a private party or a business looking to let OWA club members aware of something they are offering.  Have a boat for sale?  Post it on Wednesdays.  Own a river related business and you want to let OWA members know you have a unique product?  Post it on Wednesdays.